Two Tall Brothers

Carrying on the legacy of three generations of Swedish beverage makers, Two Tall Brothers was founded by brothers, Magnus and Henrik. With over one and a half decades of experience and an established rapport within the beverage industry, Magnus and his younger brother, Henrik, a former space rocket engineer share a common passion for quality libations. Agreeing that “Två Långa Bröder” just wasn’t catchy enough and after an evening of perhaps a few too many drinks, Magnus and Henrik, both towering over 197cm, opted for “Two Tall Brothers Tonic”.

Based on both personal and professional experience, the two brothers simply believe in creating a more refreshing and unique product with an added promise of sleek packaging that compliments any bar and pours a perfect gin or vodka and tonic.

At present, Two Tall Brothers offers a Two Tall Brothers tonic naturally crisp tonic water slightly dry with perfect acidity and bite and tons of bubbles, Two Tall Brothers Ginger Beer, a natural ginger beer with a perfect dryness and slightly spicy kick. Two Tall Brothers Soda, a hard water soda with a million bubbles. Two Tall Brothers Elderflower Tonic, well balanced perfection that brings us back to warm summer days. Two Tall Brothers Blood Orange Tonic, a must have in summer cocktails and punches.