Why is the product called Two Tall Brothers ?

Magnus and Henrik are brothers and both over 197cm so it seems like a catchy and correct name for our drinks.

What is special about the development process?

During the entire development process we made sure all ingredients we can possibly source are natural and did testing along the way with lots of bartenders to ensure the right balance between sweetness, tartness and acidity.

To which extent were bartenders involved in the development of the product?

Bartenders completely developed the taste profile of Two Tall Brothers Tonic. We sampled and sampled until the bartenders believed we had created the perfect product.

Where are you guys located?

Henrik is in the Swedish city Gothenburg and Magnus is based in Shanghai China.

Do you have other products?

Magnus owes an alcohol production and import company called Melior Spirits in Shanghai and Henrik is working on the European market.

How can I get my hand on some of your drinks?

Email us on Hello@TwoTallBrothers.com